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100 billion clothes and only one you.

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

According to , In 2015 100 billion pieces of clothes where made for only 7 billion people on the earth.

Burn baby burn...

A phrase that shouldn't be used when it comes to having excess clothing. Yet, with such an overage of unsold clothing, that is exactly what some brands were forced to do such as H&M. According to a power plant in Sweden is burning H&M clothes instead of coal for good. It's just absurd there is such an abundance of man made materials not being used that it is now being used as alternative fuel source!

How you can help with the crisis

There a few ways that we all can help reduce the waste. One of those is by doing your research on the clothing you want to buy first. Where did it come from? How was it made? Is the material environmentally friendly and sustainably resourced? Another thing you can ask yourself (and this is pretty tough) is do you really NEED that particular piece of clothing? Chances are is that you don't. Keeping up with the trends in fashion isn't something you have to give up. You can always donate your extra clothes directly to someone in need. We all know it's going to take awhile for us to get used to looking for more information on our clothing before we make a purchase, especially when we are standing in front of the clothing rack impulsively skimming through different styles. However, if we as consumers start becoming more attentive to our purchases, we can hope that manufactures will pro-actively place pertinent information on every tag.

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