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Coverage requests

Are you having a fashion event that you feel should have some news coverage? Contact us and if it works out to our schedule we will send someone to cover it! 

Coverage request guidelines:

1. The event must have 100+ Guests not including event staff

2. The event must have event insurance certification

3. The event must last longer than 2hrs

4. By special requesting coverage, AFM INC Press Team is guaranteed all access to relevant areas to the event, including interviews with event host(s) sponsors, designers, models, and/or event guests 

5. All footage and photos taken by AFM INC Press Team are property of AFM INC and shall be used in any promotional and/or commercial manner without prior consent or compensation owed to Event Host(s) and any of their representatives and/or sponsors including venue. 

6. Reserved parking and adequate working space is to be provided to AFM INC Press Team during event hours. 

7. Any and all sponsors for your event must be declared to us prior to our Press Team arrival in order to avoid any possible conflicts of interests and/or contract issues among AFM INCs own interests. 

8. AFM INC reserves the right to pull our Press Team for any reason prior and during the event without explanation. 

9. AFM INC does not guarantee specific dates and times any recorded media from the event will be made available to the public as high level events and shows hold priority for our print and social media sites. 

If your event meets all the minimum criteria and you agree to our initial guidelines please contact us!  

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